What Is The Leadmonster?

The Leadmonster is a company that has thoughtfully planned out the architecture of a typical transitory customer. That is, we are keeping track of who is moving where, what they are buying, how much they are buying, how they are buying it, when they are buying it, and why they are buying it. It’s pretty basic at a comprehension level isn’t it? That is why It makes so much sense to participate in our business!

As the business world gets more connected and our lives become more dependent on technology-linked resources, we continued to see a constant need for businesses to become more aware of opportunities to capitalize on the same customer base. After all, the customer is going to buy. By definition, he is a buyer.

As a producer, your business is going to sell. There is no need to produce widgets unless you want to make and stockpile widgets for the fun of it because you are fabulously successful  and you don’t need to sell anything you make.

Our guess is that's not why you are in business. So, you had better sell product if you plan to stay in business, right? That sales transaction may be a lease, a term agreement for services provided, a commodity item, or a very specific, narrowly defined product.

It really doesn’t matter in the free market what the product is. What matters is that the producers get in touch with the consumers in the most efficient manner so the producers get an edge on their competition and beat them to the customer.

What TheLeadmonster is

Leadmonster is a company that puts transitory customers and producers of goods and services together through cross-selling those products.

Where does TheLeadmonster model work?

Our business is best utilized in environments where there are active transitory customers, mainly metropolitan areas, or more rural areas where there is little focus on marketing in this manner.

How does our model work? 

Our business, as well as yours, prospers when we have buyers and sellers of information that share specific data that benefit both parties. It does not work based on SEO content. The internet is a great thing, but it isn’t necessary for us to operate. You do not pay for costly internet based advertising. You pay for customer specific data that has been identified by you as your core business.

When does the model work for our clients?

Our model works best when the customers have timely knowledge of what is available as they make a transition to a new environment. It may be a new job in the same city, a new hobby they are pursuing, a change in marital status, or anything that makes that customer change his buying habits.

The quicker you as a client know about the change, the quicker you can reach out to them and pitch your product. 

Why does it work? 

It works because it makes absolute sense. Why would you not want to get timely information on a vital demographic that represents additional profit to your business? It delivers the exact result you are in business for,i.e. more sales and more profits.